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Replacement Windows & Doors
  Savings When You Buy Efficient Windows

1. Rebates from utility companies are given for new, energy efficient windows. Rebates are often given for homes that purchase new energy efficient windows. For more information, you can contact your local energy company to obtain specific details on these energy incentives. These incentives could save you hundreds per year.
Utility bills become less expensive with good quality windows. Quality windows ensure that the home uses less gas to heat the home. This commonly results in a noticeable reduction in your monthly utility bills. Imagine the money that will be saved each month and at the end of the year! When you add up the savings, the new windows will essentially pay for themselves.
Cracked and broken windows are dangerous. Cracked and broken become even more dangerous once winter arrives, as the glass becomes brittle and cold. If you have children in the home, they are in great danger if they play or sleep in a room with old windows. Further concerns are the drafts that old windows cause, as well as the potential illnesses these drafts can cause your family members.
Save the environment. Windows that are energy efficient use less natural gas, which is most often used to heat homes. Using less natural gas decreases green house gases emitted into the environment, thereby protecting our planet from global warming.
Many old windows are made of dangerous materials. Old windows may contain lead paint, which is dangerous for children and adults alike. Upgrading not only reduces bills and increases the aesthetics of a home, but it may also protect your health.
Replace Windows vs. Old Windows
Inefficient windows leaks. Leaking windows allow water to come into the home, both in front and behind the walls. Mold is a dangerous by product of moisture entering the home, and it can be detrimental to your familys health and the resale value of your home.
Old windows are commonly single paned. Double paned windows lock out more moisture and cold than old, single paned windows. These old windows have a tendency to freeze open or shut, and they feel icy to the touch. In addition, they are known to develop frost on the inside of the window, increasing the chances of breakage, which causes damage to the home.
Old windows may mean old sealing. Old sealing could let in moisture and lead to mold putting your family and your home in danger. Mold can spread quickly throughout your entire home, and it has the potential to be life threatening.


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